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申请入会   Join us


Regular membership: Free. Get regular infornation from association and participate in association

VIP会员 :赞助联合会2000加元起 (唯一指定收款单位: Canada-China Federation of Entrepreneurs )。
    1)美元、加元或人民币支票或保付支票(Certified Cheque)。
       ****** 唯一指定收款单位: Canada-China Federation of Entrepreneurs
    2)银行转账。唯一指定收款单位: Canada-China Federation of Entrepreneurs

VIP membership: Donate from $2000 to associatioin.
    The only specified payee: Canada-China Federation of Entrepreneurs
    Please pay using following payment methods (No cache please) :
    1) Cheque or Certified Cheque. pay to: Canada-China Federation of Entrepreneurs
      Please send email to info@ccfoe.org to get mail address.
    2)Bank transfer.
    3)Electronic transfer. Email: info@ccfoe.org


  • 得到联合会高级资讯
  • 可以参加联合会资源范围内的高级商务活动和可能情况下的总理部长省长市长接见
  • 有资格得到联合会推荐的商业项目和商务服务
  • 在联合会官网上宣传VIP会员企业的重要活动和网站
  • 在联合会资源范围内优先推荐VIP会员企业业务,可能的情况下量身度造对VIP会员企业发展的促进服务。

VIP membner is qualified to:

  • Get advanced information from assiciation.
  • Participate in advanced business activities within association's resources, including meeting with Prime Minister, federal minister, provincial premier and mayors.
  • Get recommended businss projects and business activities from association.
  • Promote company's important events and website at association's website.
  • Within association's resources, get recommended in business cooperation. Get customized promotion service for VIP membership's enterprise development if possible.

请按照您的需要,点击以下链接下载相应的入会申请登记表。填写并签字,扫描后发送到 info@ccfoe.org.
Please click the relevant link to download the registration form according to your need. After filled in, please scan and send to  info@ccfoe.org

普通会员入会申请登记表 - PDF格式

Registration form for regular membership

VIP会员入会申请登记表 - PDF格式

Registration form for VIP membership


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